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Sberbank Insurance Company LLC

Sberbank Insurance is a new player and the fastest growing insurance company in the Russian insurance market.

The main shareholder of Sberbank Insurance — Joint stock Company Sberbank of Russia, is one of the biggest banks of the Russian Federation, that has people’s trust and brand awareness.

JSC Sberbank of Russia is not only the sole shareholder of Sberbank Insurance but also its partner in insurance services promotion on the territory of the Russian Federation. Products of Sberbank Insurance can be bought at all bank branches. They are represented at partner’s branches and online also.

We are focus on launching new insurance products to get presence in all lines of business:

  • household
  • credit cards protection
  • SME, BI and property
  • multirisks
  • collateral insurance of commercial property (no motor)
  • travel insurance
  • personal belongings
  • involuntary job loss
  • GAP
  • mortgage
  • and many others

Sberbank Insurance estimated by Expert Rating Agency — ++ (extremely high level of reliability).

Licenses for all lines of business, except for life insurance, 4331 from 05.08.2015.

8 800 555 555 7


Thematic Partner

Sberbank Life Insurance

Sberbank Life Insurance is a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia. The leader of the Russian life insurance industry. Specializes in risk programs (including corporate), savings and investment-linked life insurance products.

At the beginning of 2012, Sberbank launched a new business line — investment and savings life insurance — and acquired a life insurance company to perform appropriate activities. The sales of investment and savings life insurance products started in November 2012.

Maxim Chernin, the Chairman of the All-Russian Insurance Association Committee for the development of life insurance, was the company’s CEO until October 2016. Since March 2017, the actual CEO is Alexey Rudenko.

As of December 31, 2016, the company revenues equaled 65.6 billion rubles. More than 7.7 million people are the clients of Sberbank Life Insurance.

Reliability rating assigned by the rating agency RAEX is ruAAA.

Phone: +7 499 707-07-37
Address: 31 Shabolovka Street, Moscow, 115162, Russia
Official web site:

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