Russian Insurance Summit 2018 | About the Conference


The All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) will hold its 15th International Conference on Insurance (Russian Insurance Summit 2018) in Saint-Petersburg on 6 June, 2018.

This international conference has been held annually since 2002 bringing together hundreds of participants from Russia, CIS and other countries.

For many years these meetings and discussions help approximating positions of insurers, harmonizing their interests with the interests of state and society, studying and assimilating global experience as well as enhancing international cooperation.

Annual international conferences promote importance of the insurance industry for Russia’s economy and integration of this sector into the global insurance market.

The Russian Insurance Summit traditionally arranged by ARIA with active support and involvement of the Bank of Russia is a key event for the insurance industry.


To provide a forum for in-depth discussion of key issues of insurance and for a public dialogue with the authorities, to receive positive signals from the authorities for defining development vectors in this market.


  • To join the efforts of the insurance community and the authorities with the goal of creating a strong insurance market.
  • To discuss a wide range of crucial issues and develop solutions based on Russian and international best practices.
  • To promote the Russian insurance market as an important social institute that is vital for sustainable economic growth.
  • To prepare recommendations and suggestions on behalf of the insurance community for the authorities in charge of insurance and related issues.


 “The regulator and the market. Strategic approach to development”


Participants will discuss current issues and get the opinion of foreign colleagues on the most important for Russian insurers topics, like:

  • Regulation strategy and modernization strategy.
  • The trends of 2018-2019: fall stagnation growth?
  • The role and the place of insurance in Russian economy, from short-term to long-term vision.
  • Self-regulation in the insurance market. Standarts and control.
  • Legislative turbulence the commitment to the recovery of the insurance market?
  • The priorities of insurance legislation.
  • Regulator and industry : the synergy of growth.
  • OMTPL liberalization in Russia overcoming the crisis.
  • International experience/

Participants of the Summit will also assess the prospects for the implementation of legislative innovations in the Russian insurance market and look into experience of other countries. Discussions are expected to cover a wide range of topics pertaining internal processes in the Russian insurance industry, including development of voluntary and obligatory lines of insurance, first results of switching to the universal chart of accounts, experience of introduction of e-insurance.


By tradition, the Conference is attended by representatives of federal executive authorities and the legislative, supervisory and regulatory bodies of the Russian Federation, as well as top managers of foreign insurance associations and supervisory bodies, major insurance and re-insurance companies, and international experts and analysts in insurance, economy and finance.

Media coverage is traditionally provided by leading news agencies and business publications in Russia and its neighbors.

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