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Media XPRIMM, Agency

Media XPRIMM is a press, public relations and events group, specialized in insurance and private pensions industries.

For over 15 years, Media XPRIMM has held an unique position in the specialized markets, being considered the most important communication vector in and for these industries in Romania.

Our tight connection with the domain and its main actors has given us the expertise. At the same time, Media XPRIMM’s rich editorial activity, along with the offered consulting services, networking and public relations, as well as the initiation and organization of professional events, have built us a special visibility and have assured us an excellent national and international acknowledgment.

All Media XPRIMM projects combine innovation and tradition, identify maximum interest themes, anticipate future tendencies and put in hand of those interested the information they need, building an efficient aggregate of means of communication and information in and for the markets that we target.

The international editorial projects are based on the electronic means of communication: XPRIMM News – The Romanian Insurance Market Newsletters (,, PRIMM Magazine – Insurance & Pensions ( and the Specialized Magazine INSURANCE PROFILE (

XPRIMM publications are internationally acknowledged and become Media Partners of every big insurance, private pensions and reinsurance event in Europe. So, besides Romania, other covered regions are Europe, Russia, CSI States and Turkey, thus ensuring an extra visibility of the profile market.

Our magazines represented at international events such as:

  • Les Rendez Vous de Septembre - Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
  • The Baden Baden Meeting (Baden Baden, Germany)
  • FIAR – The International Insurance –Reinsurance Forum (Sinaia, Romania)
  • The Tashkent International Insurance Forum (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
  • The Euro Finance Week (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
  • The International Istanbul Insurance Conference (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • The International Yalta Finance Forum (Yalta, Ukraine)
  • The Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • CEA International Insurance Conference - "Global market, global risks" (Netherland)
  • World Pension Summit (Netherland)
  • International Insurance Conference in Central Asia (Kazakhstan)
  • Annual Bancassurance  Forum (Spain)
  • All-Russian Reinsurance Conference (Moscow, Russia)
  • November Business Meetings of reinsurers (Moscow, Russia)
  • Central European L&H Leadership Forum (Austria)


Our business is structured in two complementary parts:

  • the press group specialized in the insurance and private pensions domain
  • publications:
    • PRIMM Magazine – Insurance & Pensions – profile magazine published once a month in Romanian (, with two biannual issues in English
    • Insurance PROFILE Review – magazine published once a trimester, in both English and Romanian, analyzing financial results (
    • XPRIMM Insurance Report – magazine published biannually in English, presenting essential data regarding the activity of the main 30 insurance markets in Central and Eastern Europe and The Independent States Community (
    • Insurance Annuary – annual publication which aims to familiarize the general public with the main coordinates of the national insurance market and with the available products and services.
  • electronic publications:
    • XPRIMM Stiri – daily news edited in Romanian
    • XPRIMM Info – news edited twice a month in Romanian, containing interviews, articles about the present profile themes, the synthesis of the financial news
    • XPRIMM News – news edited twice a month in English, synthetic version of the romanian editorials
    • XPRIMM Special – newsletter that contains “breaking news”
    • XPRIMM Job – information about jobs in insurance
    • XPRIMM Pensii – newsletter dedicated to private pension industry
    • – the most known insurance site in Romania
    • – the most important information source about private pension business in Romania
    • – the official website of Media XPRIMM
    • – the complete information source regarding the situation of 29 states permanently monitored: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
    • – an online portal which creates a direct, exclusive and permanent connection between those looking for a job in an insurance company and their potential employers
    • producer and organizer of profile events
  • annual national and international events:
    • FIAR – The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum (5 days, conferences, seminaries, bilateral meetings, networking) (
    • ICAR – The International CAtastrophic Risks Forum (science meetings, networking) (
    • IIF – The International Insurance Forum, Istanbul (conferences, networking) (
    • Baden Baden XPRIMM Reception, Baden Baden (networking)
    • The Romanian Insurance Market Awards Gala granted by PRIMM Magazine
    • The Romanian Private Pensions Market Awards Gala granted by PRIMM Magazine
    • Insurance Brokers Awards granted by XPRIMM Publications
    • Insurance Day
    • Motor Insurance National Conference
    • Health Insurance National Conference
    • Private Pensions National Conference
    • Conferences, seminaries dedicated to some present interest themes in financial services
    • Private Pensions Regional Forums
    • XPRIMM Club – informal meetings of the domain professionals

The specialized publications and events can be combined, thus offering companies from other domains, connected with or just interested in the insurance industry, various promoting opportunities.

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