Russian Insurance Summit 2013 | About the Conference


The International Conference on Insurance (Russian Insurance Summit) is held annually by the All-Russian Insurance Association since 2002, being the major event for Russia’s insurance sector that brings together hundreds of participants from all over Russia, along with members from abroad. 

Each conference invariably becomes a truly milestone event, providing a powerful impulse for further development of the insurance market. In all these years such meetings and discussions have served to facilitate the rapprochement between insurers, and of their interests with the interests of the state and society, helping them to learn and implement useful experience from abroad. Annual Summits are contributory to the growing role of insurance in Russian economy, as well as to the integration of the insurance sector into the global market.



THE PRIMARY PURPOSE of the Russian Insurance Summit 2013 is to provide a platform for a profound discussion of current issues and conducting a public dialogue with the authorities, receive positive and directing signals from the authorities in order to determine the trajectory of market development.

 THE OBJECTIVES of the Summit include the examination of the most relevant issues pertaining to the reform of the governmental control and regulation in insurance, discussion of the proposals put forward by the All-Russia Insurance Association regarding possible first-priority steps in the framework of the implementation of the Russian Insurance Market Development Strategy until 2020.

 2013 promises to be a year of sweeping changes in the Russian insurance market. The implementation of plans to create a single body of state regulation and supervision for all financial markets will significantly affect the relationship structure between the insurance business and the state. A state insurance market development strategy will be finalised till 2020, new laws and legal acts which are key for the insurance market will start to work in full measure.

 THE MAIN TOPIC of the Summit is “Mega-Regulator and the Insurance Development Concept – New Landmarks and Guidelines”.


The key items on the agenda of the Russian Insurance Summit 2013 are represented by the carefully selected issued and challenges, that were deemed to be of paramount significance and relevance for market:

  • Regulation and supervision reform
  • Ways of developing self-regulation in insurance
  • Developing relationships between the state and the insurance market
  • Society and insurers - harmonization of interests
  • Start of a new Russian Insurance Market Development Strategy
  • Transition to IFRS and increase investment attractiveness of the industry and individual companies
  • Developing relationships with the markets of neighbouring countries in APEC, SCO and the Customs Union
  • Accession to the WHO – its impact on the current and long-term goals and objectives of Russia’s insurers
  • Life insurance - accelerated development in the interests of the state and society
  • Compulsory insurance (third party liability car insurance, hazardous facilities, compulsory insurance of civil liability of enterprises)
  • Prospects of establishment of guarantee funds for all-risks and socially significant types of insurance.

Chief executives of ministries, federal services and departments, Russian and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies, professional insurers’ associations are invited to take part in the Conference.

In concordance with the tradition such events are covered by leading information agencies and authoritative editions.

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